Accept The Power We Call God - Milk Abhishek

Abhishek is a Sanskrit term which means ‘to cleanse.’ The term is used to describe the religious activity of giving Holy bath to a deity. The RVM Shiv Mandir invites you to perform the holy milk Abhishek of the sacred Shiv Linga at our temple.

While performing the Abhishek, the Shiva Linga is cleansed with milk. The importance of the ritual being, milk is a sign of purity. And as we pour this milk over the Linga, we not only cleanse it but also our self and hence wash our sins away.

Abhishek is a means of praying to the God, of connecting and communicating with the almighty. Every drop of milk poured on the Shiva Lingam cleanses us and relieves us from difficulties and sorrows.